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Horticulture has been used as a means of therapy dating back as far as the Egyptians, in recent years the ethos has been adopted by the RHS and prescribed to schools. Evidence supporting the beneficial effects of gardening in schools is illustrated below.

"Schools which integrate gardens into the curriculum are developing children who are much more responsive to the challenges of adult life. Commissioned by the RHS from independent researchers the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), the report highlights how schools which actively use a garden, develop ‘resilient,' ‘ready to learn' and ‘responsible' children - 3R attributes that make up well-balanced, happier, healthy, rounded individuals."


Dr Simon Thornton Wood, director of science and learning, RHS, said: "As the new coalition government considers a new approach to the primary curriculum, we hope they acknowledge the striking conclusions of our research and that gardens enable a creative, flexible approach to teaching that has significant benefits.


In 2007, the RHS Campaign for School Gardening was launched to encourage schools to create gardens. There are currently 12,000 schools signed up to the Campaign, benefiting over 2.5million pupils. Over the next three years the RHS will campaign to get the benefits of gardening in schools better and more widely understood and train 4,500 teachers in how to use a garden as an essential teaching tool.


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Teacher Testimonial

"I would certainly recommend Green Scene to other schools as Sarah has provided a very professional, reliable service. Her positive attitude, subject knowledge and enthusiasm have been greatly appreciated."

- Susan Kirkham

Student Testimonial

"Gardening makes me smile because I look forward to being outside in the fresh air especially when the sun is out, planting plants, digging and spending time with the earth and my class mates"

- Amber Wright




Green Scene Education is a bespoke horticultural and environmental education service delivered in Primary schools teaching children practical horticultural skills, food awareness, sustainability and wildlife conservation.


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