‘My garden is my favorite teacher’ - Betsy Cañas Garmon

A Green Scene Education representative will deliver bespoke, environmental learning sessions, in-house when it suits you and your children. Green Scene Education will get your learners growing food, supporting wildlife and learning about their role within the environment. We service schools individually by considering and respecting their existing timetabling commitments and pupil needs.


Environmental education sessions are delivered to groups at Early Years (ages 3-5), Key Stages 1 (5-7) and Key Stages 2 (7-11) children, within school grounds. Groups are kept to a maximum of 8 to ensure safety and quality of learning. Due to the small group sizes there is no need for further support from either teaching assistants or parents, unless children have specified behavioral or physical needs.


The service is delivered during timetabled hours; every opportunity is taken to incorporate curriculum subjects such as literacy, numeracy and science as well as the creative subjects such as art and design. Though the service is not yet curriculum linked, it will be by April 2014.


Topics covered include all that is needed to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers, harvesting seeds, wildlife support and creating a social enterprise in the sales of produce and plants.


Schools are given flexibility and are encouraged to use the sessions how they feel best to fits in with existing timetables; most schools create a Green Scene Education timetable for sessions to commence for up to 1.5hrs.


The services of Green Scene Education may be applied in a number of beneficial contexts; as a reward for positive behavior, inclusion for struggling learners, a means of behavior management, nurturing, socializing and re-engagement with the joy of learning and education. The benefits are broad and may be tailored to suit the individual client and learner needs.


Green Scene Education is currently working hard to develop our services for Secondary, SEN, behavioral inclusion programs, after-school and holiday clubs, we are happy to discuss this further and tailor services to specific needs.

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Teacher Testimonial

"I would certainly recommend Green Scene to other schools as Sarah has provided a very professional, reliable service. Her positive attitude, subject knowledge and enthusiasm have been greatly appreciated."

- Susan Kirkham

Student Testimonial

"Gardening makes me smile because I look forward to being outside in the fresh air especially when the sun is out, planting plants, digging and spending time with the earth and my class mates"

- Amber Wright



Green Scene Education is a bespoke horticultural and environmental education service delivered in Primary schools teaching children practical horticultural skills, food awareness, sustainability and wildlife conservation.


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